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Homicide Data

Data driven drawings based on Baltimore's Homicide rate starting with 2015. All data was collected from Baltimore City Police reports, the City Paper, and Baltimore Sun.
Artist Statement

 Glass engraving of Age drawing.



Calendar Drawing of 2015.

This drawing is a mixture of the date and race of the people murdered in 2015. The data came from Baltimore City and County Police Reports.

Red= African American 

Blue= Caucasian 

Yellow= Hispanic

Orange- Asian

Green- Indian

Magenta- Unknown

Data Driven Drawing

The City vs. The County

This set of drawings reflect the 2015 homicide rate by race.  The image on the left is Baltimore City and the image on the right reflects the county.  

Each wedge represents a month in a year. Reading it like an analog clock the year starts at 1 o'clock angle. The month wedge's first day  of each month starts in the center of the circle.  If there is more than one victim from the same race in a day.  A space (or white line) is made in the day section. 

Is it in the weather or maybe it's the moon...

baltimore homicide data 2016

This homicide drawing looks at the weather and moon phases in 2016. The white dashes represent a victim that day.    

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