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Poetry of Light

 Presentness is being able to be observant
In “The Poetry of Light” series, I focused on the ordinary wonders in a day and reconsidered the light in my personal space.  I found that taking the time to practice perception and to be present was a chance to discover the visual poetry in my immediate environment.  Watching the light and shadow on the wall were meditative moments, when I thought to practice presentness in a busy, technically involved world.
andhyper sensitive to all aspects of space, time, and interaction within an environment. Hyper sensitive refers to the body and senses being excessively sensitive to the surroundings. The light made me consider the infinite possibilities of space and time throughout a day, and that everyday will be different from the next due to the subtle changes of the earth. The act of being present in the space allowed me not only to break down and layer the light and shadows into the simplest forms, to capture the abstracted images in my visual experience.

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