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Studies of Light on Paper

Light can be seductive/dramatic or flat/boring depending on the time of day and type of light. This is a distillation of my exploration of light and surface, I want to explore the influence that light has on a subject. Thinking about how I have been attracted to light on surface and how the camera captures this process.  I am creating a series of photographs that uses a simple object understandable to all, a piece of paper, and examining how the qualities of light add an expressive quality to the subject. The viewer is drawn to the formal qualities of the photograph not concerned about what the object is; they can enjoy the play of light and value on it.  Throughout this series, I am examining a variety of color temperatures of light from natural light throughout the day to artificial.   The capturing of light is central to the concept; therefore I am using straight photographic techniques to illustrate the basic properties of the camera and processes.

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