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The Surfaces Series came about while taking the A train from 190th street to midtown New York City. Every train stop had advertisements and graffiti. Sometimes the advertisements in these public spaces were new, but mostly they were peeling away naturally or torn down by people. The process of time and human marks started to make an attractive composition. As time goes by, the spaces wear, fade, and collect more advertisements; developing a design of texture, color, and line. Thus, the elements of art naturally appear in our surroundings through many contributing endeavors. I feel it is important to display the natural processes inherent in the subject; as a result the work is straight digital photography with limited amount of work done in Photoshop. The content of the Surfaces Series opens a discussion on the issues of western culture and the urban lifestyle. I find that much of urban living involves dealing with an overload to the senses and invasive space, but it is also important to look at the attention that people give to advertisements and our surroundings. The commercialism and decay that I once saw as disrespectful to space, I now see as a story of the space and an evolution of aesthetics. Throughout shooting this series, I have been too many different urban environments in the United States and Europe. Every city offered its own style and process, and yet they are connected by how people care for these public spaces.

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